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2. march 2016 at 22:16 | *Weird_Ufo* |  Život knihomolky
Hi guys,
At first I must tell you, why I'm writing in English. Actually, my English isn't good enought and that's one of the reasons, why I'm doing it.

Today we spent 4 lessons with six exchange students from Turkey, Jordan, China, Georgia, Indonesia and Brazil. They were really amazing and I'm so pleased to meet them!
They were talking about their lifes and countries in English and I understood them - cool, or? :D And I was so happy that I decided to make a challenge with my bestmate. For a one week we will talk with each other only in English. At first she thought it's a little bit crazy but she said yes. We're starting tomorrow (or on friday because she's one year younger and we don't go to the same class, so I don't meet her every day. Just when we go together to school.)

I don't thik that I'll write many articles in Engles, it's not so easy for me. :D But I hope you'll write me some comment in English and maybe you'll try this challenge on yourself.

And I'm sorry for my gramatical mistakes.

Hope you liked it,

xoxo *Weird_Ufo*

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1 neweresth neweresth | Web | 3. march 2016 at 12:16 | React

Heh, I hope you will achieve your aim. I love when I understand, but I'm quite dissapointed about the way I speak. To be honest, I'm really terrible. :D

2 *Weird_Ufo* *Weird_Ufo* | Email | Web | 3. march 2016 at 16:59 | React

[1]: Oh thanks for your comment! I'm so happy that someone has written me. :-) Yes, I cannot speak, too :-(

3 Katera Woon Katera Woon | Web | 3. march 2016 at 20:07 | React

Good idea. I mean, speaking in English, I'd probably give up after two days:D . So good luck ;-)

4 Johnny Johnny | Web | 13. july 2016 at 12:56 | React

The best way how to learn a language. Just speak. And write obv. I made the greatest progress myself back in time I used to play football with American lectors. Curse words and insults... in particular (we were better than them)... but it counts as well :D :D

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